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Close camp for female coders


MISSION: G-hackademy is a not for profit making initiative to inspire, educate, and equip girls form IT background with the computing skills so that they can fit in the industry.

VISION: G-HackAdemy’s vision is to reach gender parity in computing fields. Female have made up a small minority of programmers for many years. When we are in minority, it is common that we will feel like we don’t belong to that sector and to be susceptible to stereotype threat. Our goal is also to eliminate the negative effects of being in a minority that female programmer have to deal with in most of the rest of the world.


Application for first batch has been closed, and we are running first batch of G-Hackademy. Stay connected with us to apply for second batch.


Who can apply in G-Hackademy?
Any girls having sound knowledge of programming, (OOP) can apply. Most preferably, we choose girls studying 6th Sem or above.

Is “G-Hackademy” for only girls?
Yes, G-Hackademy is only for girls.

Should girls have the sound knowledge of programing?
Yes, girls should have the programing skills in any language and should have sound knowledge of Object Oriented Programing (OOP).

How long will be the G-Hackademy?
It is 12 weeks program

Is it the formal education?
It does not provide any degrees or certificate but assure girls to lead them to the better programmer. We won’t teach any languages; rather we will assign the task to them to show their programming skills.

What is the cost to get enrolled in G-Hackadmey?
It is absolutely free to get enrolled.

Is the academy only for programming?
Nope. Designing can also be the best alternative in G-Hackademy but they should jump to programming or scripting languages.

How big is G-Hackademy?
We will enroll at most 10 members in one batch.

What is the time commitment?
Except Saturday, we will meet every day in a week. The time commitment will be 3 hours per day and the timing for check in is very strict until & unless there is prior information. Public holiday will be accepted as per the office management.

How does anyone learn if there are no formal teachers or curriculum?
In the place of formal teachers, we have facilitator or mentor where schoolers will get best the best way to learn what they want. Instead of fixed curriculum, we have a individualized approach. If you want to explore functional programming, we will find the best path to learn it. In our research, we have found that everyone learns a lot when a group of smart, curious people get in a room together to write code and help each other grow.

Do you have any lectures?
The facilitators/ mentors are not the lecturers. In fact we will break the groups into pairs to help each other something new. Actually, we will never treat shoolers as students, but they will be assigned project of Smart Samaj later and they have to work on it. Mentors will assist them. But we occasionally host guest speakers. These talks expose students to new ideas and, more important, serve as an excuse to get students interacting with speakers; schoolers can always watch lectures online if they want, but you cant interact with a video. Host guests are paid by Smart Samaj Foundation for taking their time.

Is this a PHP or .Net training program?
No, we don’t go strictly on language or framework. The purpose of G-Hackadmey isn’t to learn a specific language but to make a better programmer. Schoolers can write code in any language or any platform. Designer can also go on any platform using any software or scripting languages.

Can I join G- Hackademy if I do not know how to program / design?
Strictly No. At least you should know how to code or how to design. You need not have experience but you should have the better concept and the way to do it.

What are the additional things you will get?
A) Internet Facility - You can have optimum access to Internet but unnecessary overuse of bandwidth can’t be done B) Tea/ Coffee - Tea or coffee (one time per day) is given for the refreshment. C) Power Chords / Electricity D) Stationary – one time per enrollment, copy, pen. You will also be provided a chart paper per project.

What don’t you get?
A) Laptop /PC - You should have your own PC. We can’t manage laptop to each schoolers in person. B) Lecturers – You won’t be provided any lecturers. But mentors will be mentoring you at all. C) Snacks – You have to manage it on your own.


"Coding is not gender specific! So GIRLS Lets CODE!"


Below are the list of out awesome team. You can contact them individually if you have any queries redarding anything.

Supervising Team

Nitu Shrestha

Android Developer

Ritika Pokhrel

.NET Developer

Sunita Tiwari

Java Developer

Co-ordinating Team

Prakash Neupane


Sajjan Lamichhane


Shristi Baral

Program Co-ordinator

Mentoring Team

Rajendra Sharma

Web Developer

Rajesh Khadka


Utsav Bhetuwal

Web Developer







Contact Information

93Shantamarga, Kamaladi, Kathmandu 44600


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